Wonders of southern Spain

13. 3. 2021 Od

Spain is a land of plenty and beautiful people, at least that’s what is told on all those tourist leaflets and websites that you can view before going on the best holidays that you will ever have. And that’s not all, southern Spain has a marvelous and dramatic history too! It was a crossroad of cultures of the Mediterranean sea for centuries or even millennia, and there were always so many different people living. First, there were the native Hispanics, various tribes, and Gauls and Celts inhabiting the north and east. Then they were settled by Greek colonists and then Carthage and Phoenicians. And that was not all! Then came the Romans with their grandiose empire and later northern African Arabs and tribes of Berbers and Almohads, who settled entire Spain and pushed the Christian kingdoms north where they eventually came to be known as Aragon, Castille, Leon, Navarra. And these kingdoms would later unite and conquer the Muslim lands of Andalusia and the last Muslim land of Granada.


You can see the legacy of all these great nations and men today, all mixed into one of the greatest cultures in the world. Granada, Marbella, Málaga, and all these great southern cities and tourist destinations are always full of people, and the sun and life are good.

Now, even you have a chance to settle down at the golden coasts of Spain and live your best life! Buy a property or a piece of land and create your own home. The prices are the best in all of Europe.


Together with great location, peace, and big cities close, you will be able to masterfully switch from nice seaside solitude to the bustling Spanish cities. The choice is yours! Do not limit yourself to just one place, go and live a life free of all restraints and maybe it is Marbella, that will enchant you so that you will stay here.