Bride party

24. 3. 2022 Od

We women love romance. And if it happens that a friend asks for your hand in an extremely romantic way – he invited you to dinner, or even cooked it himself, lit candles, made you a surprise and filled the tub, and at best, asked for your hand and knelt in front of you, it must have been an extraordinarily wonderful experience. Hundred percent. Because that`s exactly what every woman wants in the corner of her soul, even though some of us may not admit it. It`s about the same as if you managed to invent something special. It is also a moment that will never be forgotten.


But I dare say that a 100% better and more emotional experience is a request for a hand. Sometimes she gets tears and it`s no wonder – if you have a loved one and he prepares a beautiful surprise for you and makes a wonderful and romantic gesture. However, since a lot of worries come after asking for a hand, a woman should enjoy this moment as much as possible. And not only in the company of the future husband. As we women are used to, if we have any friends, they are the first to know this super great news. And of course, before you get married, your friends will want to have a bachelorette party for bride.


It`s normal and it`s a habit – you just say goodbye to freedom in the presence of all your friends you love. Such parties and parties are usually remembered for a lifetime – this is exactly the pleasant side of „arranging“ before the wedding. And at such parties, where the bride says goodbye to her freedom, she wears various drinks, food, just about everything you love. It`s for one simple reason – that the bride says goodbye to her freedom as best she can and is ready for the next stage of her life, which will hopefully be even more beautiful than she has had so far. So if you are a bride, I wish you good luck !!